Last night the lyrics of this song took on a very personal meaning for me. I had chosen to sin, it was something that was very intentional and I immediately felt shame about. I knew I had broken the heart of God and I was lying in bed unable to fall asleep because my mind was racing. I saw my Bible across the room and I immediately looked away in disgust of myself. I almost wanted to cover up my Bible so I wouldn’t feel the conviction again but I heard a still small voice whisper “Come”. I hesitated, tried to ignore it and fall asleep but I couldn’t. So I reluctantly picked up my journal and Bible and began writing this. 
Every time I mess up I get into one of two dangerous places:
1. I messed up, but I’m over it because God forgives me
2. I messed up, I can’t approach God again, I’ve sinned too much
Both of these are dangerous because we are either trampling on his grace, or we are not reminding ourselves of how gracious He is. 
My sin is not something to take lightly. It is not to be pushed to the side with excuses of my “humanity” or “sinful nature”. But it is also not something I should use to torture myself and run from God because of fear or shame. 
Every day I can look back at all I’ve done wrong and beat myself up, or I can repent and move into the new grace that awaits me each morning. Unconditional grace that stands with arms open wide ready to forgive us every time.

When you sin:
Do not make light of it
Do not wallow in shame
If you feel ashamed... Come
If you feel apathetic... Come
If you feel dirty... Come
If you feel numb... Come

The Father’s arms are open wide.

Samantha Vazquez