I just want to share a bit of my testimony with ya’ll.

Long story short when I was in high school I struggled with depression. It eventually got so bad that I started to doubt God. So, I went to a conference and gave God an ultimatum. I said alright God, enough is enough. If you’re real show yourself to me. Prove it. If you love me speak to me right now.

And in that very moment a girl next to me looked at me and my friend and said “God told me you’re struggling with depression” and then she asked to pray for me. In that moment my entire world was flipped upside down.
Now why am I sharing this?

Because when God showed himself to me in such a miraculous way, I thought that’s how it would always work. I thought every time I asked God for a sign he would give it.
A year ago I sat on a mountain and prayed and I selfishly asked the Lord to use my friend to confirm something for me. Confirm my calling. Confirm my future.
And I heard him say:

That’s not faith.

Those three words shook me to my very core. I realized that I was treating God like a genie asking him to confirm things for me without having faith in him. I always needed clarity. I always need a miraculous sign. I always needed a clear answer. So that is why I got this tattoo. It’s the word faith in Braille lettering to remind me daily to have faith without sight. Child-like faith. Mustard seed faith. Hebrews 11 faith.

It’s not always going to be clear. The road is not going to be paved perfectly for you to walk through. But he is walking alongside you and he will never forsake you.

Don’t wait for signs, don’t wait around in fear, don’t plan backups, don’t worry about tomorrow, don’t pray with doubt. HAVE FAITH. THE LORD KNOWS WHAT HE’S DOING. He is worthy of our trust