How can I expect the Lord to speak to me if I haven’t even made the time to listen? Some days, no scratch that, most days I wake up and honestly think, eh I’ll just spend time with the Lord later. And as the day goes by it becomes less and less important to me and less and less possible for me to find spare time. But what if: -The wisdom I needed when my best-friend asked me for advice -The peace I needed when I saw a picture of my ex with a new girl
-The strength I needed when my classes were overwhelming me
-The hope I needed when I saw something discouraging on the news
-The patience I needed when a stranger was rude to me
-The joy I needed when I got some bad news
-The self-control I needed when I was being tempted
(The list could go on and on)

What if all of that was waiting for me in my quiet time? Just waiting for me to stop, be still, and reset my focus on what is truly important.
Every morning the Lord is ready to speak to me and ready to use me. He wants me to draw closer than I ever have before and there is no way I can make it through the day without spending time with him. There just ISN’T. He should always be the #1priority.

-having a 30 minute long shower
-making sure I can do my hair -snoozing my alarm 10 times
-Cramming for a test I procrastinated on
-getting coffee before class
(etc.) So, how can I wake up every morning and think that this ISN’T important? It’s simple. I’m flesh. I forget. I forget how much I need him. I forget how much he’s done for me. That’s why over and over in the scriptures it says “REMIND ME” “RENEW ME” “RESTORE ME”
Remind me of your unfailing love, Remind me of your good works, Remind me who I am, Remind me who you are, REMIND ME that I CAN’T do this on my own.
So that’s my prayer for this year:
For God to restore me, to renew my love for him, and to remind me of why he is my priority.

Spend time with the Lord. It will never be a waste of your time I can promise you that.

Samantha Vazquez